🌱Welcome to Minto

Hi! We are the Minto project and this is the info center where you can find complete information about Minto, including guides, tutorials, and other docs.

Find out how to install and configure a crypto wallet, how to use Minto DApp, how to buy BTC Mining Tokens (BTCMT), stake them and get rewards, how to claim your BTC in the cryptocurrency wallet, and save and earn rewards in Bitcoin every day!

Minto is a unique DeFi platform for BTC mining . Minto (BTCMT) tokens are backed by a real mining hardware hashrate in a 100 BTCMT = 1 TH/s ratio.

Minto allows users to get daily profit in bitcoins by staking BTCMT tokens, and it's a whole lot more profitable than traditional mining.

Our goals:

  1. Safety. DeFi provides you with the highest level of security and anonymity, keeping your assets safe.

  2. Eco-friendly. Minto data centers are carbon-neutral and offer mining of only eco-friendly Bitcoins.

  3. Efficiency. All mined bitcoins are automatically distributed through a smart contract only between BTCMT holders on a daily basis.

What's more?

Minto is an international team that established a high-tech data center for Bitcoin mining with a capacity of over 40.000 miners. Minto uses the energy of hydroelectric power plants, which do not harm the environment. Minto pays close attention to the energy industry and only uses renewable resources with a neutral carbon footprint, therefore all mined BTC are eco-friendly.

Minto offers the shortest way to create savings for the common man, for whom traditional mining is already off-limits.

Mining rewards from all the emissions are shared only between those who staked BTCMT from all the hashrate. As additional computing power is connected to the Minto project and the total hashrate increases, reward payouts increase accordingly.

Green, profitable, responsible.

Join us and earn BTC with Minto!

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