General FAQ

When will BTCMT be listed on CEX?

We are currently working on listing. We plan to list before 3-4Q 2023, but we don't have an exact date yet.

How many tokens were sold?

You can find out how many tokens have been sold on our website or using our smart contract.

What's new this week?

You can find all the updates and news on our Telegram or Twitter pages.

What is Minto Finance?

The Minto token is backed by actively operating Bitcoin mining hardware. There are no high entry barriers, risks, or maintenance issues for the end user. You can buy tokens to receive rewards in the same way a miner does, or you can buy and sell mining power to make money, but you don't have to deal with the hassles of traditional mining.

How are you different from other projects? What are your competitive advantages?

We are very proud that our crypto project is eco-friendly. As you probably know, bitcoin mining consumes a lot of energy. Various other mining operations use electricity generated by burning coal, which is sourced from the power grid. We don't. Minto DeFi project uses only eco-friendly mining.

Minto mining is neither harmful to the environment nor a source of CO2 emissions, as the electricity used to power the facility is provided by a private hydroelectric power plant. The CEO Water Mandates introduced by the UN were approved by WWF.

What’s the total amount of tokens available for sale?

We have emitted 7,000,000 tokens. 250,000 of them are for the team. So, the amount available for purchase is 6,750,000.

Are there any pictures of the Karelia hydro mining site and the data center? I would like to see what it looks like .

Watch the live feed from our data center in the Republic of Karelia via this link. And some pics here. Look at this fantastic NY's Bloomberg shot from the Karelian data center.

Are there any plans to increase the hashrate per 100 tokens, like in other similar projects?

Different projects can have similar features. For a better understanding of how BTCMT works, we recommend that you read our whitepaper. There is an option of increasing the emission and the tokenized hashrate of the projects. The emission depends on our vision of how to generate the maximum value for Minto token holders.

If bitcoin generates a fork when we are mining, could we also get the coin of the Bitcoin fork?

There are a lot of Bitcoin forks, but we don't mine them. The chance that the ETH/ETC scenario happens with the BTC network is minimal, so we'll just do our best to keep the long-term value of the token as high as possible.

Is HBTC or BTC on Heco the right blockchain to claim?

BTC and HBTC are different cryptocurrencies. HBTC on the HECO blockchain is the right one. And BTCB on the BSC blockchain is the right one too.

Whom should I contact with marketing proposals?

All offers can be sent to us by filling the form at this link.

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