Financial FAQ

What does the boost factor depend on?

The boost factor indicates what you would receive in comparison with regular mining. It depends on the number of tokens staked. The fewer tokens are staked, the higher the staking reward.

Are rewards distributed by block or by day?

The crypto staking reward is distributed every day.

What is HBTC or BTCB? Is it BTC in the HECO- and BSC-mainnet or something else?

HBTC is on a HECO (HRC-20) blockchain, BTCB is on a BSC blockchain (BEP-20), and is pegged to BTC in a ratio of 1:1. These tokens can be easily exchanged for regular Bitcoins.

Why is the reward today so low?

As the actual mining process takes place in the Minto project, the actual mining rewards are subject to change depending on many factors. The mining difficulty affects the staking reward the most because we get a smaller reward when it increases.

Where is the daily reward accumulated?

Daily rewards are added to your HBTC or BTCB balance every day. They can be withdrawn and placed in your wallet.

Which DEX exchange allows me to exchange HBTC or BTCB for USDT?

You can exchange all the tokens using MDEX or PancakeSwap, among others.

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