How to buy and stake BTCMT token, and how to earn Bitcoin staking rewards.

How to buy BTCMT tokens:

1. Make sure you add all the necessary coins to your wallet. Without BNB coin you will not be able to pay the fee.

How to set up or to connect your wallet you can check our guides.

2. Go to Minto.Finance with your wallet.

3. Click <Buy>, to open the payment page.

4. Next, enter the amount in USDT for which you want to buy BTCMT. At the bottom you will see the amount of BTCMT which will be added to your wallet. Click <CONFIRM> to confirm.

5. Check the detales and click <Confirm>.

6. Done! BTCMT should show up in your wallet.

How to stake BTC mining token (BTCMT)

Make sure your wallet is connected to Minto

1. Open Minto dApp from the built-in browser in your wallet. Press <Staking> button.

2. You can see BTCMT tokens in the staking menu. Choose the BTCMT token. Click <MANAGE> button.

3. Choose the amount of BTCMT you want to stake. You can type in the number of coins or choose all the coins available in your wallet.

Choose a quantity and click <Stake BTCMT> button

4. Check the details and click <Confirm>.

5. Great! The number of coins you have staked will be displayed in the staking section

How to claim a staking reward

Make sure you add BTCB token to your wallet and your wallet is connected to Minto.

1. Press <Staking> button.

2. Go to My Rewards section at the bottom of the page.

3. Click <Claim reward> to get a reward in BTC to your wallet. The reward will be sent to the connected wallet.

4. Click <Claim> to continue.

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