Get to know BEP20 tokens

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is powered by BEP20 tokens.

We use these tokens:

  1. USDT (BEP20) - token that can be used to purchase the Minto BTCMT token

  2. BNB - a token used to pay transaction fees (crypto gas) on BSC.

  3. BTCMT - Minto token

  4. BTCB (BEP20) - BTC on the Binance network

You may convert your tokens in different blockchains. Use this guide to make it easy.

We recommend the following methods for converting your tokens to BEP20:

πŸ’‘To work with Minto, you need to get coins from the BSC network. For example, we use one of the most popular tokens - USDT, as well as the BitKeep wallet

1. First, set up your crypto wallet - here is the guide.

2. Add your coin to BitKeep. To do this, go to <Wallet> and click <Add Coin>.

3. Search for your coin and add it. Make sure you choose the right coin blockchain. You will only be able to transfer coins to BitKeep when they are in the same blockchain.

4. Each blockchain network has its own coin to pay gas (crypto gas fees). Make sure you add the right coin to your crypto wallet. Here is a list of the most popular blockchains:


HECO (lowest gas fees crypto)

HT (coin for crypto gas)











5. To top up your coin balance, you need to click on the required coin in your BitKeep wallet.

6. Then click on the wallet address to copy it.

7. Go to your native wallet, select the desired coin, insert the address, check the network and make the transfer to the BitKeep wallet. For example: Binance cryptocurrency wallet

8. Make sure the balance is credited correctly. To swap coins for BSC you need to go to the <Swap> section.

9. Specify the number of coins you want to exchange and click <Confirm>.


coins for purchase: USDT (BSC) and BNB (Binance token)

coins for rewards: BTCMT and BTCB

10. You got the coins you needed. Now you need to connect your wallet to Minto. Find out how to do it here.

πŸ‘‰WHAT'S NEXT? - Sync your wallet with Minto dApp - buy BTCMT, stake BTCMT, claim rewards

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