🚁How to transfer your BTCMT tokens from Autofarm v1 to Autofarm v2

The short guide

If your BTCMT tokens are staked in the Autofarm (aka Auto Staking, NOT Manual), please do the following:

  1. Connect your wallet to your Dashboard on the Minto website and go to the Staking section

  1. Withdraw your BTCMT tokens from Autofarm (v1) by clicking Withdraw in the Autofarm section (NOT Autofarm v2) and get them in your wallet.

To successfully withdraw funds, you must have at least $4 in BNB

  1. Click MANAGE in Autofarm v2 section

  1. Enter the amount of your BTCMT and click STAKE BTCMT

Please get in touch with Minto support if you need help! Also you can ask your question in the support chat from your Dashboard (at the bottom right of the page)

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