How-to use open beta referral program

Two instructions: for referrers and referrals
The Minto referral program is a tool that gives you an opportunity to earn more. By sharing a referral link with friends and colleagues you can earn up to 8% BTCMT after their purchases.

How does it work?

To take advantage of it, you need to stake a minimum amount of X BTCMT. The percentage of your referral reward depends on how many BTCMT you stake:
When someone uses your referral link or a referral code, you will get a reward every time they purchase BTCMT through the website. Your reward will appear in your wallet automatically.
The referral reward will be a % of the purchased tokens.
Please note that referral links and codes apply to new buyers only.
> To create the referral link > To buy tokens 🐛 We are now in the open beta stage, if you find any bugs, please kindly report them to our support managers on the website or in the Telegram chat.