How to buy BTCMT using a referral link/code

Instructions for the referral
Step 1
Follow the referral link and log in to the website — the referral code will be inserted automatically. Click "Connect Wallet"
If you have no referral link but do have a referral code, then: 1.1. follow the Referral program link 1.2. click "Connect Wallet" 1.3. insert your code in the "Referral Code" field
Step 2
Enter the amount of purchased BTCMT in the "You want to buy" field.
Step 3
Select a payment method (USDT or BUSD)
Step 4
Click "Buy BTCMT" and confirm the transaction in your wallet.
Easy, right?
After the first BTCMT purchase, the code will be auto-filled every time you buy tokens again. So the rewards for your next purchases will be credited automatically. ❗Please note: you can’t cut off a referral link between two wallets. Never. Sorry.