How to create a referral link

Instructions for the referrer

Step 1

Go to the website of the Referral program.

Step 2 Click "Connect Wallet", then select a wallet and log in to the BNB Chain network:

You will see the information about your staked BTCMT and the current referral reward percentage.

Step 3

Open the menu and go to "Referral program".

Step 4

Click "Create Link" and use the slider to select the discount amount for your referral and the amount of your referral reward. You can keep 100% of bonuses to yourself or share it with the person who buys BTCMT using your link. It depends on you only. The default value on a website is 50/50. You can also create different links with different terms and delete them.

❗Be mindful that to be part of the program, you need to have at least 500 BTCMT steaked.

Step 5

After selecting the desired value, click "Generate".

Step 6

You will get a link and a code. Now you can send them to your referrals!

  1. A link can be just used directly, i.e., your referral can purchase BTCMT without any additional steps.

  2. A code can be used if the link is unavailable for some reason. It should be inserted manually by your referral during the purchase.

You can create as many links as you want with different combinations of referral bonuses and rewards.

Referral link data, as well as information about referral purchases and rewards, can be found in the "Active Links" section.

Detailed information on each of the referral links can be obtained by clicking "Details".

That's it!

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