Business Developer (MENA)

  • At least 3 years of experience.
  • Mastery of sales techniques.
  • Experience of working with major partners. Fluency in English and Arabic.
  • Assertive and bold, you are not embarrassed to approach strangers and relish verbal and written communication.
  • Background in crypto, DeFi, NFT.
  • Knowledge of another language: French, German, Japanese, one of the Scandinavian languages (people like to be spoken to in their language).
  • Know how to find contacts at any level within the counterparty (understand the difference between networking and communication, use in real work with clients).
  • Know how to write a good letter and communicate your thoughts.
  • Ability to negotiate at a high level (heads of companies, directors of departments, middle managers).
  • Ability to quickly dive into a product and understand its features, including technical details.
  • Strong presentation skills: communicate complex topics in an accessible way (your main point should be clear), encourage action and hook the client.
  • Be timely, precise and creative with your slides, technically competent and don't water down your message.
  • Understand the market and competition.
  • Be able to perform analytics - monitor and interpret performance dynamics, be able to retrospect and self-detect a problem.
  • Active search for new partners and clients, business directions
  • Working with existing major partners. Conducting negotiations, negotiating contractual conditions.
  • Promptly processing incoming inquiries from clients.
  • Accurately maintain and update data. Support and close as many deals as possible.
  • Preparing and conducting presentations and negotiations.
  • Planning and forecasting the development of the specific direction, reporting.
  • Implement an action plan to increase revenue and product sales.
  • Develop presale materials: presentations, business models, etc.
  • Full-time employment - no double employment, remote work option, flexible schedule. Dubai - office work. Other locations - remote work.
  • Work on a stimulating international product.
  • High salary commensurate with the professional level.
  • Fixed salary + KPI (performance-based, flexible incentive system).
  • Promotion up to CBDO.
  • Free advanced training courses.
  • Opportunities to attend sponsored and partner events and conferences.