Web Analyst

  • At least 2 years of experience in marketing analytics
  • At least 1 year with products with over 1 million MAU
  • Strong knowledge of SQL/NoSQL, ability to structure and process big data. Experience with BI systems and databases
  • Willingness to constantly question the existing system and imagine the ideal future, which will definitely become our present
  • Excellent command of GTM, Firebase, Google Analytics and GA4 tools
  • Detailed understanding of the technical features of analytic systems
  • Experience in building and implementing end-to-end analytics
  • Experience in building product analytics from scratch is a plus
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Understanding of unit economics
  • Ability to interpret data in terms of business and user behavior
  • Understanding of A/B testing principles
  • Ability to work with aggregations from different sources
  • Experience in creating attribution models
  • Become a web analytics expert: assess relevant trackers, get rid of redundant ones, check markup and settings
  • Understand current project evaluation metrics and propose more relevant ones if necessary
  • Move web analytics towards transparency, invent and develop useful dashboards that are really essential to managers
  • Conduct A/B tests to test hypotheses on data
  • Ask a lot of questions and implement better interaction procedures
  • Support web marketing campaigns and work with the marketing department
  • Analyze the effectiveness of campaigns, channels, and creatives. Make recommendations for improvement, seek out new and effective ways enhance user experience
  • Create methods of forecasting key traffic indicators at early stages of product life
  • Build marketing reports and formulate a methodology for their structuring
  • Monitor the integrity and reliability of marketing data
  • Assist with procurement automation
  • Build and maintain an end-to-end analytics system, automate data collection and generate reports as needed
  • Generate hypotheses based on available data to improve conversions for different sales funnels, participate in testing these hypotheses together with the marketing team and conduct post-analysis
  • Analysis of incoming traffic and its distribution (CPL, CPS, CPC, CPM).
  • Full-time employment - no double employment, remote work option, flexible schedule. Dubai - office work. Other locations - remote work.
  • Work on a stimulating international product.
  • High salary commensurate with the professional level, indexed at least once a year.
  • Fixed salary + KPI (from budget, flexible motivation system).
  • Promotion to head of web analytics department
  • Free advanced training courses
  • Opportunities to attend sponsored and partner events and conferences.