Marketing manager


  • At least 3 years of marketing experience.

  • Proven successful experience of at least 3 years with major performance marketing tools. Please include the channels (and numbers) you've worked with in your cover letter.

  • Solid knowledge of Google.Analytics, internal analytics systems, as well as (optimal, but not critical) multi-channel/through analytics services: Power BI/OWOW BI/etc. Please list the end-to-end analytic services you are willing to work with in the cover letter.

  • In-depth understanding of the key marketing metrics. Please specify the metrics you consider the most important in analyzing the efficiency of your work in the cover letter.

  • Experience with different attribution models (or at least an understanding of what it is and how it works), multi-level advertising campaigns.

  • Case-proven experience in influencing business outcomes of projects you have worked on.

  • Related IT experience is a plus.

  • Fluent English (at least C1; all materials and content are in English).

  • Creativity, self-discipline, proactive approach. We are driven, and want to work with the same kind of people.

  • Experience in managing digital teams.


  • We are looking for a strong practical expert in marketing of innovative products and nonstandard promotion, who will be entrusted with marketing of our brand and all the associated aspects.

  • Set tasks for designers, SMM managers, copywriters, producers, developers, content writers, control the process and accept the results.

  • Evaluate project effectiveness and find growth points.

  • Participate in internal projects: create and improve marketing materials, business process analysis, ROI analytics.

  • Set up end-to-end analytics, calculate business and marketing performance metrics, engage in daily ROI analytics, forecasting and reporting.

  • Seek out-of-the-box approaches and build growth models.

  • Evaluate creative work on an ongoing basis.

  • Manage SEO + PPC + Content Marketing traffic.

  • Study user behavior and adjust strategies.

  • Position products in the market.

  • Test marketing hypotheses for different target audience segments.

  • Project planning of advertising campaigns, their interaction in the context of brand/products/audience/channels.

  • Build hypotheses, find growth points, plan experiments and implement best practices based on analytics.


  • Full-time - no double employment, remote work option, flexible schedule. Dubai - office work. Other locations - remote work.

  • Work on a stimulating international product.

  • High salary commensurate with your professional level, indexed at least once a year. Fixed salary + KPI (from budget, flexible motivation system, discussed at the interview).

  • Option to assemble your own performance team in 2022.

  • Promotion to director of the performance department in 6-7 months with a salary increase.

  • Free advanced training courses.

  • Opportunities to attend sponsorship and partner events and conferences .

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